Church of St. John in the Wilderness
The Episcopal Church in Copake Falls, NY
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PO Box 180
261 Route 344
Copake Falls, NY 12517
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Service Schedule

26 March, Ash Wednesday, 10 am and 7:30 pm


Holy Eucharist,  8 am
Choral Eucharist, 10 am

Study Groups

Wednesdays, 3 pm
Divine Reading &
Contemplative Prayer

Church is open daily for prayer and meditation


The Very Rev John P Thompson, Rector 

Liturgical Calendar
Good News, Everyone!

In our tradition, Lent is a season of solemn self-reflection, remembering Jesus' 40 days in the desert.  Ash Wednesday on 26 February begins Lent, with a reminder of our mortality, "Dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return."  We read Psalm 51, King David's confession to God after his sin with Bathsheba.  Services at 10 am and 7:30 pm.

First Sunday of Lent, 1 March, is Episcopal Relief & Development Day.  ER&D is our church mission to "heal a hurting world."  They are most deserving of our support.

During the 5 Wednesdays of Lent, our neighborhood churches offer simple meals 6:30, followed by a quiet service.  We host the first supper on 4 March.  More details in the poster.

Dale and Louise have published the Winter Edition of the Voice.  Fr John reviews the year just past and Wendy Langlois, our newly elected Senior Warden, welcomes new members to the Church LeadershipBrian Boom and Lucy Eldridge present an upbeat Capital Campaign Update.  We are grateful for the grant funding they have secured and thank all parishioners and friends who are supporting the campaign.

Our Capital Campaign Committee has put together a compelling brochure, Capital Campaign for St. John in the
Wilderness: Sustaining People, Place, and Peace, 2019-2022
. Please take a look and decide how you might contribute to the future vitality of our church.

"Closer than ever: It is 100 seconds to midnight"   Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists maintains a Doomsday Clock to emphasize the threats we face. They write, "Humanity continues to face two simultaneous existential dangers—nuclear war and climate change—that are compounded by a threat multiplier, cyber-enabled information warfare, that undercuts society’s ability to respond."  Global CO2 emissions continue to increase year over year.  Christians must remain hopeful, despite failure to date to mount an urgent response.

If you would like to receive occasional emails from Fr John on church activities, request a subscription at info@stjohnw.org.

Church of St John in the Wilderness is located in a park-like setting, Taconic State Park! We're on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail and Bash-Bish Falls is just up the road. Come, enjoy!

We made a list of the many Good Causes supported by St John in the Wilderness. Can you add to this list?

Divine Reading & Contemplative Prayer Group: Gather with us Wednesdays at 3 pm in the rectory for the Divine Reading & Centering Prayer Group.  This meditative approach to scripture will bring peace to your soul.

Our little church hosts meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous twice a week, on Friday and Sunday at 7:30 pm.  "The only meeting you are late for is your first one.
AA calendar.

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So the Lord sent the prophet Nathan to tell David this story:

“There were two men in a certain city, one very rich, owning many flocks of sheep and herds of goats;  and the other very poor, owning nothing but a little lamb he had managed to buy. It was his children’s pet, and he fed it from his own plate and let it drink from his own cup; he cuddled it in his arms like a baby daughter.  Recently a guest arrived at the home of the rich man. But instead of killing a lamb from his own flocks for food for the traveler, he took the poor man’s lamb and roasted it and served it.”
    David was furious. “I swear by the living God,” he vowed, “any man who would do a thing like that should be put to death;  he shall repay four lambs to the poor man for the one he stole and for having no pity.” Then Nathan said to David, “You are that rich man!..."

2 Samuel 12
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