Church of St. John in the Wilderness
Welcome to the Parish Family Page

We are updating our webpages!

The site will have a fresh new look, but we need your suggestions.

Does the logo above look fat to you? Choose your favorite!

As an experiment, we tried the above question as a Yahoo survey.

We've expanded our web services, and now offer the calendar of birthdays!
(I just copy these from the Messenger, thanks Marya, so there's no new information, but perhaps this calendar could become an online parish registry, recording baptisms, marriages, and so forth.)

Not many (7) have signed up for the discussion group and blog. All messages sent to the group are sent to all members. Sign up is easy and can be cancelled at any time.
Give it a try!

Some church websites publish a prayer list. Do we want to do this?

We have published the Lay Ministries as a Google document.

We've published the Parish Brochure and the Parish Description.
(Thanks to Elen, Lucy, and the Search Committee for preparing these. I'm willing to scan more archival documents if it would be useful.)

These are examples of directions we can take the website. I invite comments!

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