Country Fair and Auction

  It was hard work while we were doing it, but as I look back on the past weekend I smile
and say to myself   “This family of St. John’s(with some very good friends) is really something!”
As the years go by, the CF&A and BBQ seem more and more impossible for so few to assume,
but then everyone steps forward and takes on a part (or many parts) and everything falls into
place.  There were new faces and many long time faithful workers, and we certainly lucked out on
the weather.  The crowd was smaller than in the past, perhaps because of the poor state of the
economy, but those who did come went away happy.

  Our treasurer anticipates that we will realize a profit of about $5000.00.  This is less than
we made last year, but it will still help balance the budget.  I would like to thank my co-
chairperson Kathy Haight, Auction chairperson Harry Koeppel, Karen Flynn as chairperson of the
BBQ, and Treasurer Jane Peck.  We could not have done it without all those who helped to set up;
picked up donations; worked the Snack Bar, Trash ‘n Treasures, Boutique, Gourmet table, Toys,
and Books & Records; greeted visitors to the church; provided activities for the children; the
auctioneer and those who helped with the auction; provided music and electricity; parked cars;
sold raffle tickets; took care of publicity; prepared the BBQ’ and finally cleaned up and placed
everything back in storage.  Some of you did far more than your fair share, but almost everyone
did something, and that’s the secret of our success.

Thank you all!
Marilyn Kay, Co-Chairperson