Winds in the Wilderness

Mark  the  date  for  the  upcoming
Winds  in  the  Wilderness  concert  on
Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 3:00 pm.
The  Faure  'Pavanne',  here
arranged beautifully for flute, oboe, guitar
is  a  loving  tune  familiar  to  many.  The
Telemann  Trio  Sonata  in  E  Minor,  our
selection  from  the  Baroque  period,  is
particularly  well-suited  for  our
instruments.  The  driving  rhythms  in  two
pieces from 'Cinco Piezas' will bring you
close  to  the  heartbeat  and  genius  of

As  a  trio  we  are  playing  the
Adagio from Mozart's piano sonata K570,
followed by a piece for  solo guitar by the
Spanish  composer,  Torroba.  ‘Suite  for
flute  and  oboe'  is  a  duet  by  the  modern
American  composer  Ulysses  Kay.  We
have the privilege of hearing John Myers
as composer, as well a guitar player, in a
piece for oboe and guitar and, as always,
we  conclude  with  an  something  noisy  in
your  pocket-  very  noisy  in  fact-  because
'Noites  Cariocas'  takes  us  right  into  the
streets of Rio where anything goes.

Sharon Powers