2021 pledge drive is underway

We continue Zoom service at 10 am.  Read Fr John’s invitationSupporting material.

Christmas may be over and for some of us it was the loneliest Christmas of our lives. But now we have 12 Days to celebrate the Nativity, culminating in Epiphany. Let us rejoice and be glad in them!

Mibs Zelley reports that the 2021 pledge drive is underway. Please return your pledge card to the church with as generous a gift as you can. Thank you!

Rt. Rev. William  Love, our Diocesan bishop, will resign 1 February. His conscience did not allow the celebration of same-sex marriage, a practice approved by the Episcopal Church. Episcopal transition has begun.

“The gift of desperation is ‘pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization.'”

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