Annual church meeting

Sunday 17 January we held the Annual Meeting of the Church. Read the Annual Report.

With this November issue, Dale and Louise Peterson begin to wind up ten years of Voice in the Wilderness. Jim and Patricia Wann have stepped up to take over the publication of our parish newsletter. This is a vital service to our community and we are grateful to have such capable editors!

Zoom Book Club has finished discussion of So you want to talk about race by Ijeoma Oluo. Our 5 person, all White group found it painful in places, but resolved to become better partners in the fight against systemic racism.

“Gift of Desperation, Good Orderly Direction, Group of Drunks — G.O.D.”


Wendy Langlois (1/21) Warden
Elen Freeston (1/21) Warden

Charley Musselman (1/21)
Peggy Anderson (1/21)
Lucy Eldridge (1/22)
Jane Peck (1/22)
Virginia Johnson (1/23)
Mibrey Zelley (1/23)

Richard Peck, Clerk of the Vestry (1/21)
Karen Flynn, Treasurer

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