The 2023 Stewardship Pledge Drive

I came across a description of Stewardship that I really liked –

“Our gratitude for what God has already done gives us faith in what God will do in the future. We give not to make God happy or pay him back, but because we trust that God is working through our resources to share his Good News with the world.”

The 2023 Stewardship Pledge Drive is underway. I’m so grateful when I look back on this past year. After making our way through the ups & downs of 2020 & 2021, this past year felt so hopeful and free. It sounds funny, but at times, especially during the summer months, I had to remind myself – yes, we’re doing a lot better but be cautious. At St. John in the Wilderness, we have been very fortunate. We have supported each other and have been very careful when we’re together at our Sunday service or socializing.
I’m hoping everyone will have a chance to complete their Stewardship Pledge Card for 2023 and send it back before the end of the year. The importance of a deadline is that it gives the finance committee the information they need to set up our budget for the coming year. So, many thanks to all who have already responded and those who will be responding soon. Your generosity is truly appreciated.

Stewardship also includes giving one’s Time & Talents as a “thank you” to God for all the good gifts we receive from him. St John in the Wilderness’ parishioners give both their time & talents in abundance. So many folks selflessly volunteer to help with the many projects & ministries we support. You might call us over-achievers. But we are joyous over-achievers! It’s all done with love. Our community outreach and the projects you’ll see happening around the church grounds define who we are as a parish. Our goals are to help, to serve and to welcome in our community. Our new accessible church entrance illustrates those goals.

During the Pledge Drive, it’s become a tradition to ask individuals to say a few words about what drew them to our church and what keeps them here. So, at the end of our Sunday Service one of the folks will give his or her story. Each one has been wonderful & inspiring. This Sunday, our speaker explained, said “….the fellowship is unbeatable, it’s the people really….I look forward to seeing everybody each Sunday; it gives you a warm feeling in your heart. It’s comfortable, it’s beautiful, so this is why I keep coming back.” Thanks to all who have expressed their joy in God’s abundance by the giving of their Time, Talents & Treasures!

Thank you, Wendy Langlois, Stewardship Chairperson

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