Editors’ Note

Greetings, Friends!

As we prepare diligently for the Harvest Festival September 9, there is music in the air, and in this issue. Fr. John cites “world” music as an example of our diversity and differences being expressed in song, offered up in response to our creation and Creator. All part of a larger message Rev. Gary Davis adapted from the Bible when he sang, “Just as long as I’m in this world, I am the Light of this World, I am the Light of this World!”

In the Capital Campaign Report, in addition to our projects, you’ll find rhapsodies to the new Rheinstrom Garden’s facility for attracting hummingbirds, beneficial bees, and butterfly larvae, which tempt songbirds, and on Nature goes; most wonderfully, perhaps, around the new Prayer Circle out back, where there is the music of quiet accompanied by a song in the air.

And–very exciting–we welcome two first-class NYC musicians to the Church at 5pm Sept. 9, Erin Shields–she of the lovely, versatile voice–and her husband, David Shenton, who can play anything on piano and violin. “The Great American Songbook–Retold” is their tribute to classic American popular music of the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s.

We’ll enjoy every note in St. John’s with its wonderful acoustics, and then head to the tent for dinner by Harvest Barbecue, plus appetizers and desserts by Wendy Langlois and her team, and of course wine, water, and other beverages. And our silent auction! We know what we’re bidding on! If a raindrop or two is falling, we have golf carts for the short trip.

Tell your friends! September 9, 5:00-7:30pm, is a great time to visit the verdant campus of St. John In the Wilderness. A Joyful Noise will rise!

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