Capital Campaign Update

onstruction site of the accessible front entrance to the Church of St John in the Wilderness

The Capital Campaign Committee wishes to express deep gratitude to the Rheinstrom Hill Foundation for its recently awarded $5,000 grant to the Church of St John in the Wilderness in support of the accessible church entrance project. We are also immensely grateful to those individuals who have so far generously responded with $16,700 to the April 28, 2022, pledge request letters, covering calendar years 2022 and 2023. In summary, in that letter, we stated we sought $42,500 to complete the in-progress and anticipated Capital projects. So, with the funds received … Read more

Word from the Senior Warden

Brian Boom headshot

As featured prominently in this issue of A Voice, the exciting 2022 fundraising event for St John in the Wilderness, titled “Community Harvest Festival,” is scheduled for Saturday, September 17, 5:00-7:30pm. Tickets can be obtained on St John’s website. Thanks very much to those who have envisioned this event and are working hard to make it a wonderful occasion for St John’s and the surrounding community in Copake Falls. Specifically, I wish to acknowledge Jim and Patricia Wann and Marjorie Hoog for overall event organizing and planning, music to be … Read more

Thoughts from the Wilderness

Father John and Cleo

With all the conflict in the world, I pray that we have peace in our hearts. Then we can be part of the answer rather than part of the problem, we can overcome evil with good, we can be peacemakers. We’ll need God’s help for this and none of us are perfect. We’re human. Our unique combination of gifts and strengths and weaknesses makes us the unique, often lovable people that we are. I thank you for your prayers for my bad neck pain. After months, cortisone injections have brought … Read more

It’s Harvest Festival Time

Editor’s Note This year’s Community Harvest Festival, Sept. 17 (open to the public, details on Poster above and on our website) marks the return of the annual outdoor celebration in support of St John’s. The last such event, the Summer Sparkling Soiree, was held in 2019, pre-covid, and before many of the transformations to our Church, campus, and parish life depicted in this issue of the Voice. We are due for a celebration, and it does “take a village” to pull it off, but the music, the food and wine, … Read more

2022 Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt 2022

Just before Easter this year we held a wonderful Egg Hunt on the grounds of the church and also inside the sanctuary. Thirty or so children and parents enjoyed hunting for stuffed eggs, and enjoying prizes and refreshments after the Hunt. -Lucy Eldridge

Father’s Day Plant and Bake Sale

Lucy Eldridge headshot

Sunday, June 19, Noon-4:00pm We will hold our second annual Father’s Day Plant and Bake Sale, Sunday, June 19 at the base of St John’s driveway. All kinds of plants will be for sale, including herbs, perennials, annuals, vegetables and ferns. A colorful feature will be lots of hanging baskets filled with beautiful annuals! Delicious baked goodies will also be on sale. -Lucy Eldridge

Capital Campaign Update

Capital Campaign Committee members

As explained in previous issues of A Voice in the Wilderness, earlier this year the Capital Campaign Committee, in consultation with the Buildings & Grounds Committee and the Finance Committee, prioritized projects for completion in the Campaign. On April 28, 2022, we sent out pledge request letters, covering calendar years 2022 and 2023, to 91 members and friends of St. John’s. The letters stated that we needed to raise $42,500 to complete ongoing capital projects (mechanical and electrical upgrades and Sacristy renovation) and new capital projects, specifically the restoration of … Read more

Editor’s Note

In this Summer Of Change, there’s a lot happening at the Church and on the grounds and you’ll be able to see it soon, as described in this issue. Thanks to all who are working to enhance the inherent beauty of this beautiful and historic place! We’ve also changed the summer fundraiser to the Fall, so SAVE THE DATE for our Community Harvest Festival, September 17, 5:00-7:30pm. We’ll begin with music outside by Broadway Composer Jim Wann, Irish Traditional Musician Robbie Haldane, Jazz Guitarist and Clarinetist John Myers, and Upright … Read more

Word from the Senior Warden

Brian Boom headshot

Spring weather has arrived, finally, and the flush of new leaves and blossoming of flowers is accompanied on our church grounds with a flurry of activity to prepare for upcoming capital projects. Kudos to the Buildings & Grounds Committee for pushing these projects forward! The Chair of that committee, Marjorie Hoog, summarized for the May Vestry meeting the status of projects. I’ll briefly review some of those highlights here, and others are covered in the “Capital Campaign Update” in this issue of the newsletter, along with the just received news … Read more

Thoughts from the Wilderness

Father John with Cleo

“This is a message of hope” began my previous article for A Voice in the Wilderness. Clearly we, I, this world, still needs hope. As I recently said via email to SJITW, “In the wake of another mass shooting, for which no words suffice, let us pray for all the victims, the wounded and their loved ones. And let us pray and act for sane gun control laws in this country.” The corrupt power of the gun manufacturers, the NRA and the politicians beholden to them continues nonetheless. The unnecessary … Read more

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