2021-2022 Live-Stream Schedule for Sunday Service

We are happy to welcome everyone to our in-person Sunday services. However, if you are not comfortable about meeting indoors, if you are unvaccinated or if you simply can’t make it to our in-person service, we invite you to join us on a live-stream through Facebook when we have an in-person operator.  Our regular in-person iPad live stream operator is unavailable December 25 through April 10. If you are available to stream our Sunday 10am service, please contact Jay Corcoran at corcoran.jay@gmail.com. Join us online in December on the following … Read more

Support services available to Columbia County residents during Covid-19 outbreak

One hand inside another

Mental Health Columbia County Mental Health Center 24-hour Crisis Line 518-828-9446 Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT, a program of MHA) 518-943-5555 NYS Office of Mental Health Emotional Support Helpline 844-863-9314 Crisis Text Line Text “Got5” to 741741 Mental Health Association of Columbia-Greene Counties (MHA) 518-828-4619 Apogee Center (Peer Support) (A program of MHA) 518-697-0976 Youth Clubhouse (a program of MHA) 518-828-6700 National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Columbia County 518-336-0246 Alcohol/Substance Use Greener Pathways 518-291-4500 Greener Pathways (weekend/evening hours hotline) 518-822-0090 Our Wellness Collective 518-303-2725 Columbia County Pathways to Recovery … Read more

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