Editors’ Note

Give Thanks

Giving thanks so close to Thanksgiving seems natural, and the theme has brought out the best in our contributors to this issue of the Voice. Fr. John Thompson, Brian Boom, and Wendy Langlois have given us warm and articulate reports well worth reading. Check out Jane Peck’s Hike Report and the video interview of the late Dorothy Baker, too. We are thankful the Community Harvest Festival went so well! Everyone enjoyed the music, the food and drink, and the company, and thanks to stellar efforts by a host of parishioners … Read more

Word from the Senior Warden

We all probably have a favorite season of the year. For me, it’s autumn. In our part of the world, there’s of course the beautiful foliage, but I also like the feel of the natural world slowing down – plants are becoming dormant, animals that don’t migrate are going into hibernation, storing food, or otherwise hunkering down for the coming cold weather. I feel the vibe of this slowing of nature and it puts me into a contemplative, introspective mood that evokes a feeling of gratitude for all the good … Read more

Thoughts from the Wilderness

Father John and Cleo

Thanksgiving is a good holiday, many people’s favorite. It’s a time to relax and to get together with loved ones. It’s a time for good food. And it’s a time to be thankful – especially if we have these things – time to relax, the presence of loved ones and delicious food. Yet as good as life can be, it’s short compared to eternity. And that’s okay, because we’re promised that too (eternity) by Jesus himself. This is a good thing, as some people don’t get much happiness on earth. … Read more

Thoughts from the Wilderness

Father John with Cleo

“This is a message of hope” began my previous article for A Voice in the Wilderness. Clearly we, I, this world, still needs hope. As I recently said via email to SJITW, “In the wake of another mass shooting, for which no words suffice, let us pray for all the victims, the wounded and their loved ones. And let us pray and act for sane gun control laws in this country.” The corrupt power of the gun manufacturers, the NRA and the politicians beholden to them continues nonetheless. The unnecessary … Read more

Good news, everyone!

A coffee mug with the words "what good shall I do this day"

Pandemic may not be over, even for the vaccinated, and we will continue taking prudent measures in our gathering.  Please join us in person as you feel able. Our service will be streamed in real time on Facebook Live. Read all the details in Fr John’s invitation. Reasonably, the Episcopal church supports vaccination:  Delta variant of COVID-19 continues to spread at alarming rates both here at home and around the world. Because of the nature of vaccines and herd immunity, it is critical churches also help address vaccine hesitancy. Jim and Patricia Wann have published the May edition of Voice in the Wilderness, our parish newsletter. Fr John is astounded at the … Read more

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