About the St John in the Wilderness website, stjohnw.org

In 2008, the church started a search for a new rector.  Lucy Eldridge, head of the search committee, asked Charley Musselman to help build a website to publish the Parish Description and to advertise the church.  We asked Hank Croteau , Mibs Zelley, Jim Hedrick, and Elen Freeston to provide oversight and advice.

We reviewed several websites and evaluated criteria that others have applied to church website excellence and effectiveness.  One of the important design objectives was that the content providers (authors or compilers) be able to maintain and update those portions of the website relevant to their church participation.  In particular, we chose to use Google for the parish calendar and photo albums.
Anybody who has a need to update the calendar or post photos to the SJW album may request  login procedures from me.

Program proposal, initial objectives, approach is set out in correspondence.

We are using these tools:

KompoZer, the open source descendant of Mozilla Composer and NVu
IrfanView, a free image editor

PHP Info

In May, Website Committee held a development session.

Charley Musselman
2 May, 2008