Dear Friends,
Enchantment,Virtuosity, Jazz and Romance is what we offer in this concert; nothing less! 
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In the 1970’s two Frenchmen, jazz composer Claude Bolling and flutist Jean-Pierre Rampal, both virtuosos, made an album that became a #1 bestseller of CBS Classical Records almost as soon as it was released - but it wasn’t classical!

We will play two movements of this 'Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio'. 

Another pairing of virtuosos on our program is Ronald Gorevic and J.S. Bach, with Ron’s extraordinary rendition of Bach’s cello 'Suite No.3' on viola. 

 John Myers has introduced us to instruments and music of many cultures, playing Chinese pipa, Indian sitar and sarod, and now, following music that he created for a dance performance, flamenco! (Dancing in the aisle permitted.) 

'Itsuki No Komoriuta' is a Japanese folk song infused with eastern echos that has become  popular as a lullaby. Pure enchantment.

Romance is in the air!  Anton Bernhard Furstenau, a composer from the Romantic period, wrote this 'S'erenade Opus 86’ for flute, viola and guitar, in itself a romantic combination of instruments.

Low and deep, the double bass touches places in your soul not commonly accessed and a double bass solo is a special treat, especially when played by Pete Toigo with JohnMyers.
They  will play ‘Yesterdays’ by Jerome Kern.

Jazz… Romance… Exotica… Bach…What’s left of our offerings?
A Btrazilian choro,‘Ingênuo' by Pixinguinha, for you to play with us for the finale!

We look forward to seeing you at the concert.
~Sharon Powers, Artistic Director