Church Leadership


The Very Rev John P. Thompson, Rector


Wendy Langlois (1/21) Warden
Elen Freeston (1/21) Warden

Charley Musselman (1/21)
Peggy Anderson (1/21)
Lucy Eldridge (1/22)
Jane Peck (1/22)
Virginia Johnson (1/23)
Mibrey Zelley (1/23)

Richard Peck, Clerk of the Vestry (1/21)
Karen Flynn, Treasurer

Church Organization and Functions

Music -- Edith Hedrick, Choir Director and Organist
Church School -- Wendy Langlois, Director
Buildings and Grounds Committee -- Marjorie Hoog, Chair
Voice -- Dale and Louise Peterson, Editors and Publishers
Website -- Charley Musselman, Editor
Altar Guild -- Elen Freeston, Director
Acolytes -- David Chittick, Director
EMS -- Peggy Anderson, Harry Koeppel, Brian Boom, Pauline Royal
ECW -- Jeanne VanHoesen, President