Church School

St John in the Wilderness offers church school for the children of the parish during the Sunday service. In a recent Voice in the Wilderness, Wendy Langlois wrote:

Sunday  School  has  officially  started  up
again,  very  informally.  I  would  love  to  hear  from
parents  whose  children  will  be  attending  on  a
regular  basis.  The  curriculum  will  be  Weaving
God's Promises.

In  the  past,  traditionally,  there  has  been  a
different  story  or  topic  each  Sunday.  Because  "the
times,  they  are  a 'changing"  so  will  our  format
change a bit too. Rotation Lesson Planning lets you
focus  on  one  story  for  3  weeks;  each  week  it  is
taught differently --  as a story, then a video, then a
game or acting out a drama. By the third Sunday the
children  should  be  able  to  tell  me  about  the  story.
Fr.  John  and  I  are  also  talking  about  trying  a
Children's Service at a 10 am service. This could be
once a month or every couple of months.

We  had  a  good  summer.  We  continued
Sunday  School  throughout  the  summer  months
trying  to  be  out  of  doors  as  much  as  possible. We
did  get  a  few  things  to  grow  in  the  garden.  We
learned  a  lot  about  what  to  do  and  what  not  to  do
next  year.  We  knew  there  would  be  a  learning
curve.  We  did  wage  war  with  a  little  animal  that
kept  eating  our  veggies.  That  is  a  very  frustrating
thing when you have nurtured the plants from seed!
Regina Shea did an outstanding job between
caring  for  the  garden  and  working  at  the  Farmers
Market  in  Copake  every  Saturday.  Our  thanks  to
Bob Callahan for the raised beds he built for us, for
all  the  hard  work  and  all  the  watering  of  our  little
plants.  We  appreciate  everyone  who  lent  a  hand
creating our garden space!

I  am  always  grateful  for  all  the  support
given  to  the  Sunday  School  program  and  its
children.  Please  spread  the  word  to  local  friends,
family  and  neighbors  about  our  Sunday  School
because we would always love to see more children
and their families.

Love, Wendy