Word from the Senior Warden

June is the month of vibrant bloom, creativity, warm weather, graduations, and outdoor church activities.
Members of St John in the Wilderness Buildings and Grounds Committee are: Marjorie Hoog, Brian Boom, Lucy Eldridge, Elen Freeston and Bobby Flynn.

The Committee plans to complete the restoration of the iron fence surrounding the Pomeroy Graveyard plus adding power and water to the new shed. Some maintenance projects have been completed…

The Water Softener is now on a 6-month schedule for salt and an annual service by Clavarack Pump, fuel cost is being addressed and the assessment of the condition of 3 trees; the large oak in the graveyard, a maple tree and a conifer are being given to St. John in the Wilderness by qualified local tree companies.

Judy Whitbeck, Sr. Warden

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