Word from the Senior Warden

We raise our “Voice” to make “a Joyful Noise”

Judy Whitbeck, Senior Warden at St John in the Wilderness

Capital Campaign:
A letter was sent from Father John Thompson, the Wardens, the Vestry and the church community thanking Richard Koskey and the Rheinstrom Hill Community Foundation for the gift of $14,000 to complete the landscaping project at St. John in the Wilderness.

Building and Grounds:
There are three trees on Church property that have been assessed as diseased by three Tree Service Co. arborists. Each arborist examined the following trees and recommended that the trees be removed.
A) large Oak in Graveyard
B) Maple near embankment
C) Norway Spruce near the Rectory.

John Field Tree Service, New Marlboro, Ma. $17, 973.50
Everhart Tree Care LLC, Hudson, N.Y. $14,700.00
Moore-Bridger Tree Service, LLC, Copake Falls, N.Y. $12,398.40

Each tree service proposed using a crane in the graveyard to take the large oak down to avoid damage to gravestones, and the historic Pomeroy Graveyard. At the request of Martyn Moore-Bridger, arborist Jeff Decker, a colleague of Martyn Moore-Bridger’s also gave his opinion of the condition of the Norway spruce next to the rectory.

The Vestry will be choosing a tree service company to remove the oak, sugar maple and the Norway spruce.
The painting of Copake Iron Works by John Bunyan Bristol owned by St. John in the Wilderness is on loan to the Roe Jan Historical Society Museum, Copake Falls, NY, for the Museum’s summer program: First 40: “A Celebration of Local History Preserved” running July-October 2023, Saturdays and Sundays from 2:00-4:00pm.

-Judy Whitbeck, Sr. Warden

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